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What can you achieve with food traceability?

Marketing value (transparency)

It allows agricultural practitioners and farming communities to easily obtain update-to-date information and thus make better decisions in their daily farming.

Deeper supply chain insight

The blockchain technology allows peer-to-peer transactions to take place transparently and without the need for an intermediary like a bank (such as for cryptocurrencies) or a middleman in the agriculture sector.

Compliance to food import regulations of foreign countries

A growing number of countries require traceability information for imported foods (USA, China, EU, Japan, etc.).

Quicker (and targeted) product recall possibility

The blockchain technology offers a reliable approach of tracing transactions between anonymous participants. Fraud and malfunctions can thus be detected quickly.

Defend your brand against counterfeiting

Implementing product serialization (identifying each products with its own QR code) enables you to monitor, resolve, and eventually prevent potential tampering cases.

Justify the price of a premium product

Traceability can explain why a premium product needs more work, more commitment from the supply chain, and what extra value consumers get for the price.

How food traceability works

Technologies to trace physical products along the agricultural supply chain:

  1. QR codes on the product’s packaging (QR codes in agriculture are already used but still require regulators to monitor authenticity from a seed to a ready product.)
  2. Advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) chips, RFID supply chains, and RFID applications in agriculture
  3. NFC agriculture technology for contactless reading of product data

Crypto-anchor technology for agriculture (IBM recently developed cryptographic anchors to ensure product authenticity for DLT. This technology is promising but still at the early stages of development.).

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